Premiere: Third Time's a Charm for Ras Kass' "SOI3"

Ras Kass teases the release of 'Soul on Ice 2' with his latest track "SOI3."

Ras Kass SOI3

Ras Kass cover

Ras Kass SOI3

Ras Kass' 1996 debut album Soul on Ice is one of the most well-regarded and impactful albums of its era. It would go on to influence generations of rhymers, and Ras has long promised a sequel. 

Now comes the first indication that we're actually getting there. This fall, Ras will drop SOI2—The Leaks, a two-song 7" that serves as a teaser for Soul on Ice 2, a project Ras promises is "nearing completion." You can pre-order the SOI2—The Leaks 7" here. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, the 7" is graced with a watercolor portrait of Ras Kass painted by Alex WuKang, which folds into a 7"x14" mini-poster and comes with a gold-embossed seal of authenticity.

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While we're waiting for the album, Complex is proud to premiere one of the songs from SOI2—The Leaks. "SOI3" is produced by Apollo Brown, and features a verse from Houston legend K-Rino and a hook from Big Twinz and GOD Father of Infamous Mobb.

"'SOI3' was Apollo inspired by the Diamond D remix for 'Soul on Ice' and taking it in his own direction. Getting a verse from Houston’s most woke rapper and the hook from some of the grimiest cats from Queens really made it extra special," Ras told Complex of the collaboration.

You can listen to "SOI3" below.

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