Detroit Rapper Molly Brazy In Trouble for Pointing a Gun at a Toddler's Head

The teenage rapper is in serious trouble.

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Detroit rapper Molly Brazy found herself in the headlines recently, but likely not for the reasons she might have hoped.

A video of the 18-year-old artist recently surfaced on the Facebook page of rapper/comedian/actor G'Mac Cash. It showed Brazy and a toddler. After the little girl throws a gun at the rapper, Brazy turns around.

"Why would you do that?" she asks. "You better stop playing with me." She then puts the gun right up against the child's forehead.

The clip now has over 180,000 views, at least one of which was by the Detroit Police. According to area station WJBK, the video has been sent to the police cyber team for review.

"It's very concerning to see anybody point a weapon at a small child," said Sgt. Michael Woody. "We're going to park the video to see what we can find." 

Brazy's manager insisted that the weapon in the month-old video wasn't real—that Brazy and the child were messing around with a plastic gun. 

"She's remorseful about it," the manager continued. "If she could do it over she would."

Whether the weapon was real or not, Sgt. Woody insists it's a very big deal. "We've seen so much infant mortality in this city in the past year. Messing around with guns like that is not a smart thing to do. It's very irresponsible and reckless," he said.

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