Kodak Black Teams With Yo Gotti for "Weatherman"

In his second song since being let out on bail, Kodak Black teams up with Memphis' Yo Gotti.

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Less than week after putting out his first song since being released from jail while awaiting sexual assault charges, Kodak Black is back again. This time, he's teaming with Yo Gotti for the song "Weatherman."

The song finds the Gotti bragging about his money and coke dealing prowess. "I just bought my sister a new Benz/This money turn your enemies to friends," he raps. "What the forecast said?/I predict a lot of snow coming in." 

Kodak, on the other hand, is solely concerned with his attitude. "That Kodak, he got so much damn swag," he exclaims. 

Fans were thrilled by the collaboration.

Kodak has lately been making headlines for primarily extra-musical reasons. He served jail time in Florida in the fall for drug charges, and was released in late November only to be transferred to South Carolina to face sexual battery charges relating to an incident in that state that took place in February, 2016. The rapper is now out on bail, but is banned from South Carolina (except for court appearances) and faces up to 30 years in prison for the pending charges.

You can hear "Weatherman" above, courtesy of Kodak's YouTube page.

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