DJ Khaled Pens Moving Letter to Fans

DJ Khaled wrote a long and moving letter to his fans thanking them for a decade of support.

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The success of his new album Major Key, soon to hit number one on the charts, has left DJ Khaled in a particularly grateful mood. So grateful, in fact, that he penned a long and moving letter to his fans on Tuesday that he posted on his Facebook page. 

In the letter, Khaled sings the praises of "fan luv," which he says has followed him every step of his career.

Fan luv was there when I was a young DJ ripping down any club that would allow me to display my God given talent... Fan luv you were there when I released my 1st album 10 years ago and told the world to Holla At Me ! Fan luv you recited every lyric when Lil Wayne proclaimed I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats!!! We told THEY that we were taking over one city at a time! And that's exactly what we did.

In the letter, Khaled calls Major Key "the culmination of 25 years of blood swears and tears. And it's my best work to date." He also talks about a recent experience with a fan that moved him to tears.

I met a fan luv the other day and and touched my heart fan luv was in tears and said Khaled I love u you changed my life I look at fan luv and said fan luv u changed my life !!! Fan luv we r so connected !!! Fan luv let's win more let's embrace our blessings we have life we can do Anything we want do!!

In true Khaled fashion, he ended the missive with a bunch of emojis: 🙏🏽🔑🌸🌺🌞👑🙏🏽

You can read the entire letter on DJ Khaled's Facebook page.

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