Christina Milian Tweets “#AllLivesMatter,” Twitter Goes Nuts

Christina Milian tweets in support of #AllLivesMatter, and havoc ensues.

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Singer Christina Milian started trending on Twitter early Thursday morning, but not for the reasons she might have hoped. 

Late Wednesday night, Milian let off a series of tweets that seemed to be about recent police shootings, given the references to "cell phone videos" and "injustice."

Soon enough, the talk of "love & positivity" led to her using the controversial phrase "All Lives Matter."

She ended by re-emphasizing the phrase, imploring those reading to "become better together."

People quickly noticed the tweets, and many were critical of the singer's use of the "All Lives Matter" hashtag, which is frequently criticized for being racist and, in the words of Columbia professor Carla Shedd, "erasing the vulnerability of and dehumanization of black people." Some of the Twitter responses to Milian are below.

Milian is not the only recent celebrity to voice support of the "All Lives Matter" idea. Rapper Kevin Gates did the same thing back in February, and reiterated his stance in an Instagram video on Wednesday.


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