Yung Miami Confirms That She's Bisexual and Shoots Her Shot at Megan Thee Stallion Again

“I’ma smash, all day and tomorrow," Caresha said of Megan Thee Stallion in an interview with Jason Lee. "She really can, like, take me up and throw down.”

Caresha and Megan image split

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Caresha and Megan image split

Yung Miami has confirmed she is bisexual and made it known she has her sights set on getting into something with Megan Thee Stallion

During her appearance on The Jason Lee Show, Caresha opened up about her sexuality in the middle of a rapid-fire questions game called “smash or pass.” Lee mentioned Meg, and Miami told him she and the “Savage” rapper could have fun with each other. 

“I’ma smash, all day and tomorrow. … Megan just get me, like—she really can, like, take me up and throw down,” Miami said at the 53:45 mark below. She then explained she doesn’t want to be with a woman long-term. “I love it. ... I really do like girls—I don’t wanna be in a relationship with a girl.”

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“But Megan can get it for a night?” Lee clarified.

“For a lifetime,” Miami answered. She went on to give Cardi B a “smash” vote as well.

This isn’t the first time the City Girl has spoken on her bisexuality and attraction to the Houston Hottie. During an episode of her talk show Caresha Please last August, Yung Miami was hit on by Meg when discussing their preferences in the bedroom

“I mean, I like what I like…I like you,” Megan said when asked if she’s attracted to women. Miami immediately responded with, “You do? You’d fuck me?” Megan said if they ever were to hook up, she’d be “on top.” 

On the same episode, Miami revealed the pornography that catches her eye is girl-on-girl, which she said made her understand she was bisexual. “The only type of porn that turns me on is girl-on-girl porn … That’s how I always knew I was gay—or I was bisexual. I feel like we know how to please each other,” Caresha shared.

Prior to their Caresha Please flirting, they expressed their interest in each other on Twitter in 2021:

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