Memphis Bleek Shares Jay-Z Story About Them Having to Pay $50,000 to Leave a Club in Miami

Bleek explained that Hov was a different person than he is now when he had Cristal champagne in him.

(Photo by Johnny Nunez / WireImage)

Memphis Bleek has recalled a time when the Roc-A-Fella crew had to pay $50,000 just to leave a club while also revealing Jay-Z had no problem fighting his way through problems back in the day.

During a conversation with DJ Superstar Jay that's set to air on Dec. 6, Bleek revealed this new generation of clubgoers do not know how to party as he and Jay laid waste to the club scene with their late-night outings. According to Bleek, the team partied so hard that they were locked inside a club one time in Miami and were forced to pay $50,000 just to leave. 

"Y'all young n***as never been through nothing," Bleek said. "Until you turned the club upside down and they lock you in the club, and you have to pay to leave, you ain't really turned up." 

He continued, "We turned this club up in Miami upside down, my n***a. They made us pay $50,000 to leave. You had to pay 50 racks, police and everything they extorted the fuck out of us. But we cracked heads, foreheads, faces. We was going crazy."

Bleek explained he didn't want people to think they were willingly coughing up that bread and actually did something about it at times. According to Bleek, Jay-Z was a much different person back in the day that wasn't afraid to get busy with his hands. 

"This was Streets Is Watching Hov," Bleek said. "See, they see billionaire, dread Hov they think my man ain't got them hands, Hov will put knuckles on you. He'll put them hard bottoms on your ass too. He used to start trouble too. Yea, all that Cristal, n***a was on some shit. Just know that, Hov was on some shit. All this laid-back, cool Beyoncé Hov, I love it. But back then, he was on some shit."

This wasn't the only time the Brooklyn rap legend was truly "on some shit" back in the 90s. During his visit to Drink Champs, Bleek recalled a time Jay showed his petty side when the Roc team forced him to pump gas in the cold

"We get to the gas station, you know they got the heat on in the car everybody chilling, coat off, nobody wanted to get out the car and pump gas, so Hov like, 'I got to get out and pump gas? Alright.' So he get out, pump gas."

He continued, "He went in the trunk. Everybody coat was in the trunk. He went in the trunk to grab his coat, jumped in the car, rolled all four windows down, and started doing like a buck. Like 'Y'all n****s ain't wanna [pump gas]?"

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