Mase and Cam'ron Think Kanye Acts Different 'With White People' and When the Cameras Are Off

The two discussed rumored Super Bowl beef between Taylor Swift and Ye.

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Cam'ron and Mase say that Kanye West is an entirely different person behind the scenes, and allege that the rapper acts more controversial around white people.

In an episode of It Is What It Is, Cam, Ma$e, and Stat Baby discussed the unverified rumor that Taylor Swift had Kanye West removed from the Super Bowl after he allegedly purchased seats in front of her suite to watch the big game. While hearing about the story, Mase suggested that Ye "acts crazy" specifically around white people, and Cam added that his former labelmate does indeed act differently when the cameras are gone. 

"It seems like he act crazier with white people, though," Mase said.

According to Cam, Swift is getting payback for Ye trying to ruin her moment at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards...more than a decade ago.

"[He] tried to diss that young lady years ago, and she ain't forget about it. She don't want to be seen with you, let alone on the Super Bowl screen," he said. "That man got up there embarrassed Taylor Swift at them awards, tried to go Beyoncé's an unforgettable moment what he tried to do. Not what he tried to do but what he did to Taylor Swift." 

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Former NFL player Brandon Marshall claimed that Swift had Ye removed from the Super Bowl on a recent episode of his Paper Route podcast. According to Marshall, Ye purchased seats in front of Swift's suite to photobomb her. 

"Now Taylor Swift, since that moment, became an astronomical superstar," Cam continued. "Awards on top of awards, record sales on top of record sales, and now, to me, at this particular point, Taylor Swift is a bigger star than Kanye."

Killa Cam said Swift's stardom outshining Ye is the reason why the NFL has consistently shown her at games, yet the rapper allegedly couldn't sit next to her. The Harlem native also shared that he was invited to the Vultures listening parties, but turned them down as he's "not with the weirdo" behavior. 

"In this room when nobody here that's the coolest n***a in the world like when the cameras turn on, n***a turn into somebody totally different. I ain't with the camera Kanye, my nephew," he said while laughing.

Mase replied, "Is that true? I never be around him when the camera is out, but without the camera there, he's a cool individual."

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