Busta Rhymes Reflects on Missing Son's High School Graduation Due to Rapper Duties

Busta said he’s in a happy place now that his hard work helped take care of his family.

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Busta Rhymes once revealed he missed his oldest son’s high school graduation because of his obligations as a rapper. 

During an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, Busta reflected when he had to suit up and take the stage with Chris Brown to perform their 2011 hit single, "Look At Me Now," featuring Lil Wayne at a show for BET and ended up missing his kid’s graduation. 

“When me and Chris Brown performed ‘Look At Me Now’ at BET when Lil Wayne did not do it with us, I missed my son’s high school graduation, my oldest son,” he explained. “And I came home from that and he was upset, and Greenhouse was still open. I threw a party for him at Greenhouse and I had Jim Jones perform, and Ace Hood perform, and I performed.”

He continued, “And he was happy about the party but he still wasn’t happy about me missing his high school graduation. I lived with that shit for a long time. And it didn’t matter how much I wanted to say sorry, I knew that it wouldn’t be enough.”

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Busta Bus also spoke about how much it affected him that he missed the important moments with his family. However, all is good now that he’s in a “happy” place because all the hard work helped to support his family. 

During an interview with Complex, Busta Rhymes revealed fans will be able to see his come up in an upcoming documentary. According to Busta, the film is on its way. 

"It's actually been in the works for the last eight years," Busta told Complex. "So it's on its way, it's almost done, and the deal got done for it. I'm not disclosing that information yet in detail. But I do want you to know that we actually trying to get it out before the end of the year."

He added, "It's just so much amazing things that's been happening and been aligning as far as the stars in the universe for me. But then this year and last year, we just making sure that we are overprotective of the blessings that continue to be bestowed and making sure that we know when to get out the way so we don't block the blessing. I think we've been doing an amazing job, and I'm gonna tell you when it comes, it's gonna be a climate shifter."

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