Is Shia LaBeouf the Newest Member of A$AP Mob?

It appears that way.

Not Available Lead
Image via Complex Original
Not Available Lead

Just last week, actor Shia LaBeouf suddenly quit his Broadway play because of creative differences. He then took to Twitter and posted several emails about his Orphans co-stars. So without another Transformers movie on the immediate horizon, perhaps he's trying to launch a rap career.

Shia posted this group shot with ASAP Mob. They appear to be in a dressing room and seem to have a problem with the camera (why all the middle fingers, fellas?). We'll look out for the first single.

Then if that wasn't enough, peep this video of Shia doing some kinda top-secret dap with Dame Dash's nephew and ASAP roadie. Someone let us know when Shia's mixtape drops. 

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