Kaytranada Talks About The Infamous Boiler Room Set On 'Chicken Shop Date'

He also spoke about maple syrup, his relationship with his brother, and how he doesn't fall in love easily.

Arturo Holmes / Getty Images for Coachella

Kaytranada appeared on Amelia Dimoldenberg's show Chicken Shop Date and dropped a slew of revelations including his love for maple syrup.

"Who wouldn't like maple syrup?" he asks rhetorically when Dimoldenberg ponders if all Canadians loving it was a misconception. "I put extra maple syrup on my pancakes and waffles." He draws the line at chicken nuggets, however.

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Though he didn't reveal details about any new music, he spoke about going to therapy and emphasized the close relationship he has with his brother Lou Phelps.

The two also went back and forth with a toy DJ set that had multiple beat and vocal presets. While Dimoldenberg started with it, Kaytra borrows it towards the end of the video, prompting her to ask him if he wants to borrow her book about how to DJ.

And of course, Kaytra was asked about his infamous Boiler Room set and if he keeps in contact with those involved.

"There's a lot of people at the same time that are like, still connected and linked," he said.

"Except for that tall girl with the big bow in her hair. When I was looking at her like this, I was like..." he adds turning his head slyly.

Dimoldenberg then suggests he makes a mini-documentary showing where they are all at now, but Kaytra laughs it off and says it wouldn't live up to the concept.

Although the interview was light on new music, Kaytra did recently confirm a collaboration with Childish Gambino will land on his forthcoming album.

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