During a press run promoting his new movie John Wick: Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves admitted his favourite album of late has been Alvvays’ latest project Blue Rev.

The interviewer initially asked Reeves to name his favourite record, but Reeves was stumped. He said he had purchased new records recently but couldn’t decide which was his preferred choice. The interviewer then brought up Reeves’ recent Reddit AMA where he said he’d been listening to a lot of Alvvays.

With his memory refreshed, Reeves admitted to loving the album, but that he had only purchased it digitally. Eager to purchase the LP on vinyl, Reeves said Blue Rev was his favourite “album to be.”

“I don’t have their new record,” Reeves said. “I bought it digitally, but I don’t have it on vinyl.”

Reeves then elaborated on what he loves about the Toronto-based band and their frontperson Molly Rankin.

“I love me a good pop song and I like me a kind of inventiveness in it,” Reeves explained. “And I think the lead singer, she’s great. And the textures of it. I mean, I love bass guitar and drums, and I like their energy.”

After his explanation, the interviewer asked Alvvays to send Reeves a copy of their new album on vinyl. 

Reeves concludes by assuring the band that he has already purchased the record digitally and he has to “get it on LP.”