Premiere: LuiDiamonds Shares His Dark New EP, 'KILLLEWIS'

With features from Leaf and Father.

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Awful Records' LuiDiamonds has been working on his brand new EP KILLLEWIS for the last year and a half. "Through the course of the album, I went through several major changes: the growth of Awful Records, dealing with the law, playing catch up, and finding my own lane in a group of 17 talented artists," he told Complex over email. According to Lui, KILLLEWIS—a 12-track project with features from Leaf and Father—is a dark ride through Lui's life over the last two years; it's an audible representation of the perils of life he's faced. 

Most of the tracks were produced by Lui—with the exception of one track produced by Dexter Dukarus—but he says the process for creating KILLLEWIS wasn't exactly "linear." "I produced a lot of the beats scattered about and wrote the verses in halves, meaning I wrote half of a song at one point and finished the other half of the song maybe six months down the line," he says. "I usually create alone when working on solo projects. The album represents a change that any person can have in themselves. To unlearn, become new, and believing in yourself. Pull the mask off and be who you were truly meant to be."

Over the last two years, creating KILLLEWIS has given Lui a sense of clarity; he's turned over a new leaf. Plus, its haunting narrative is heavily inspired, aesthetically, by Quentin Tarantino. "The album is truly for growing individuals. So KILLLEWISwhoever that is inside of you, those negative ways, thoughts and habits," he says. Stream the project and check out his new video for "Lapdance" below and keep an ear out for more from Lui coming soon.

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