Premiere: Stream Toronto Artist Kris' New "Don't Feed The Animals" EP

A new 6-track EP.

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Toronto artist Kris is someone you'll be checking for this year. The 21-year-old Toronto-via-Barbados star takes influences from everyone included T-Pain and M.I.A. to Zapp and Roger, among others. She's relatively new to the scene but her debut EP, Don't Feed The Animals, will undoubtedly put eyes on her in the 6. The 6-track EP, executive produced by LEF7Y and mixed by Sunny Diamonds, is a proper introduction to the young MC. She strives to have her music create a parallel universe in which gender roles have been switched and society is matriarchal. Inspired by Lil' Kim in her Hardcore days, Kris paid homage to her on the "Queen Bitch" freestyle and says she hopes to make girls feel the same way with her music: confident and in control. 

Here's what Kris has to say about the project: 

I believe the title fits perfectly, not only because the sounds involved give off a wild life type vibe but because it is relatable regardless of who the listener is. I say that only because everyone has metaphorical animals in their lives that they shouldn't be feeding into. Personally, circulating this project I had more than a few "animals", one being the radio and the boundaries that come with it. Upon listening to the ep, one of the first things you'll notice is that I definitely didn't write with the radio or any rules in mind for that matter; Because technically the only one who can create rules in ones art is ones self. That wasn't an option.

Another was the attitude in today's society, and I say that without trying to sound corny by blaming society but that's really what it is. Maybe it's a Toronto thing, but I've met way too many men with a long list of expectations yet the most ignorant outlook when it comes to the lengths they'll go to please a woman, let's just say it's not too far from where we begin. The content in this project may come off as vulgar or even ignorant to some. To me it is too real. Everyone is use to Rap and Hip-Hop in general as being a very one sided, male dominant genre. I'm simply here to tell the other side of the story. I don't believe it makes sense to create with the thought of what the public may want based on the success of others. I'm making music to show them what they've been looking for this whole time. 

Stream it in full below and keep an ear out for new music from Kris:

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