Premiere: Listen to Class Actress' "High On Love" (Prod. by Giorgio Moroder and Mess Kid)

Produced by Giorgio Moroder, Class Actress & Mess Kid.


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Two years ago, Class Actress—Elizabeth Harper—left NYC for Los Angeles and after a passionate love affair with an ex, her latest EP, Movies, was born. After premiering "More Than You," she's back today with the Giorgio Moroder and Mess Kid-produced "High On Love," a song she says is about wanting someone bad for you but who makes you feel good.

"That person who give you the high high cause they give you the dark low. They keep you hooked like any drug. The best drug is another person," she tells Complex. "This kind of love is evil and perfect, like any drug, it's the poison and the cure. The pain of living with out them is worse than the pain they cause by not loving you back en total, so you take the moments of lust like caviar. But when a person becomes a drug it's dangerous cause you can't get high enough the heart can't stay high the heat wants to be safe or it will always be in pain. But sometimes pain is better than being numb. So we do what we must in order to feel alive and sometimes that means going for it. Cause shit goes bad when you go after love, but it goes way worse when you don't." 

Plus she says all she could think about was "cocaine disco and Oscars" while writing this with Moroder—and she and Messkid put in all the "extra sex noises." It's a lush, glittery summer track about falling so deeply in love, it's an addiction. Movies drops on June 23 via Casablanca Records. Stream "High On Love" above and grab it on iTunes now.

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