Chief Keef Has a New Song Called "Emojis" and He Just Revealed the Single Art

He premiered the "single art" on Instagram earlier.

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Everyone's talking about the new Chief Keef song, "Ain't Done Turnin' Up." But trust, the real news is a different song, an even newer song that Keef has in store for us. Try to hide your excitement: it's called "Emojis."

As a concept, its perfect. Keef's emoji usage on Twitter and Instagram is A+.

In the cover art above, it looks like Keef is actually texting with "THOTT" or—as per definition—"that hoe over there." Or at least that's the definition of "THOT," which is how Keef usually spells it. No one knows what that extra "T" in that picture is for. (Neither is to be confused with Thoth, the Egyptian Moon deity with the head of an ibis, also known as the God of wisdom and learning and the arts, and the scribe of the gods.) Either way, we can assume from the text that the thot in question really loves Keef—she's showering him with heart-eyed emojis, but Keef isn't feeling it. He texts her back the "stop" hand signal with sad looking faces, then faces with tears, and then finally points a gun at his own head. The thot will not give up. She sends him back some smiley faces, then a kiss, then some wet tears... and a smooch face.

Keef follows up with demon/alien/weird faces.

Just a normal day in the life of Keef.

But Keef really does love emojis. For example:

 Caption: Lmfaoemoji

Translation: Laughing my fucking ass off [so hard that I'm] crying tears.

The only thing Keef has teased about the song so far has been this Tweet:

Dis Song Emojis I jus Did Go Crazy On kaykay But Aye rappers Please dont get angry

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