Remy Ma Performs Her Nicki Minaj Diss "Shether" at Summer Jam 2017

Remy Ma puts Nicki Minaj on blast on the Summer Jam screen, and performed "Shether" on stage after bringing out the leading ladies of hip-hop.

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Remy Ma said she was all done beefing with Nicki Minaj back in May, but when she got her chance on the Summer Jam stage, she did not feel like holding back. Flanked by some of the leading ladies in hip-hop history, Remy openly disrespected Minaj before performing a rendition of her diss track, "Shether."

According to reports from within MetLife Stadium, Remy brought out a gang of some of the biggest female MC's in hip-hop history, and yes, she made Minaj the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen.

Wait sorry ... Remy brought out Lyte, Rage, Kim, cardi b, young ma, Monie love, AND LATIFAH!!! #SummerJam2017
Is that Nicki on the Summer Jam stage. Is Remy doing Shether. Dear God. #Hot97SummerJam
Remy Ma came on stage and said she only fuck with real bitches and brought every female rapper not named Nicki. I am LIVING. #SummerJam
Remy Ma brought Latifah to do "U.N.I.T.Y." w/ Young M.A, Cardi B, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Rah Digga & Lady of Rage on stage if you like subtweets

RT @NigelDPresents: Remy Ma brought out a lot of female MC's, good look or Hip Hop.

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) June 12, 2017

Remy Ma puts Nicki Minaj on that SummerJam screen. #InMemoriam

— Meelz 💪🏾 (@MeelzTV) June 12, 2017

After paying homage to a strong history of female MC's—and conveniently leaving out Nicki—Remy went right from subtle shade to an outright attack, performing "Shether" for an amped up crowd.

And then Remy Ma Just Either Nicki Minaj on that #SummerJam stage for The Culture 🇺🇸

Although plenty of rappers in the past have threatened to air out their business at Summer Jam—Nas planned to hang a dummy meant to look like Jay Z at Summer Jam 2002—few are really willing to take it there. Remy using her performance to put Nicki on blast shows both how much animosity she holds for Minaj and her understanding of the significance of the Summer Jam stage and screen in hip-hop.

Minaj re-sparked the beef when she fired shots at the Bronx native on "Realize," which may have been enough motivation for Remy to open up this wound again. We'll have to see if this escalates further from here, because you can't back down from a call-out at Summer Jam.

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