Niykee Heaton Returns With Her New Single "Good Girls"

For Fourth of July weekend, Niykee Heaton shares a new song with her fans.

good girls niykee heaton artwork

Image via Twitter/@NiykeeHeaton

good girls niykee heaton artwork

Last we heard from Niykee Heaton, she was linking up with Migos for the remix to "Bad Intentions." She's on her own this time around—and with a lot less cash by her side than in the "Bad Intentions" video—in her new song, "Good Girls."

"Good Girls" is a stylistic departure from her last song, with Heaton opting for sparse instrumentation this time around. A simple piano loop and a bit of bass accompany her vocals, as she attempts to convince you she's not so bad once you get to know her, despite her having a large and intimidating presence in person and on social media.

Beyond the change in style, it's also a big shift thematically from "Bad Intentions," which featured a video of her waltzing off with a duffel bag full of money as the Migos fought amongst themselves. A lot of people tend to view Heaton through that specific lens—a walking thirst trap that can mess up your whole day—and it seems she wants to correct that image a little bit.

As she told Complex back in 2015, however, Heaton tries not to worry too much about what the detractors think of her.

"The most important thing [my mother] taught me was that whatever people say about you is their projection of themselves," she said. "You can’t take that personally. When people say mean things to me, I pray for them, because you have to be a really fucked-up person to feel those things. You just have to feel bad for them."

Still, it can't hurt to show a softer side, and maybe it'll help win over some fans who weren't already rocking with Heaton. You can listen to the new song, "Good Girls," below.

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