Kanye West Performs "Bound 2" With Charlie Wilson and The Roots on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

The Bound 2.0.

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Although "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" consistently books the best hip-hop lineup of any late night show—one of the many perks of having The Roots as a house band—Kanye West has never made an appearance. Until now.

Joining esteemed guests Steve Harvey (no doubt to the chagrin of 'Ye's buddyTyler, the Creator) and The Cast of "Duck Dynasty", Kanye stopped by to promote his upcoming tour. He performed Yeezus fan favorite "Bound 2," joined by Charlie Wilson and backed by The Roots.

Not only was it thrilling to see the song in a live setting, the performance offered a chance for Kanye to finally air out some grievances against Ray J with a special TV edit of the song's opening line:

"Brandy little sister lame and he know it now/When a real brother hold you down you 'sposed to drown."

Earlier tonight, Jimmy Fallon the surprise performance on Twitter, undoubtedly pushing back the bed times of a few people who figured they could skip out on the "Duck Dynasty" interview and grab a few extra Zs:

.@kanyewest surprises Late Night and performs “Bound 2” w/@theroots and kills it. #LateNight #NBC

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