Listen to Fredo Santana's Glorious, Auto-Tune-Drenched Single "It's Only Right," Produced by DJ Kenn

It's only right that you check it out.

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Chicago's Fredo Santana added to his recent barrage of music tonight with the new single "It's Only Right," produced by longtime collaborator DJ Kenn. It's a poppy, Auto-Tuned cut that splits the difference between the cartoonish beats of Chicago's current bop movement and the zany Auto-Tune experiments of Fredo's cousin Chief Keef.

The result is incredible. Fredo explains that it's only right for him to do things like stack all this cash and turn up on everyone—not to mention have a threesome while he was on Xanax. There are so many amazing things about this song, but one detail that really jumps out? Fredo apparently has 25 phones! That's ridiculous! How does he keep them straight? But that's not the point here. The point is that this song is great, and it's only right that you listen to it.

Check it out below:

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