Listen: Chris Brown "I'm Still (Unreleased Verse)"

Is this a shot at Rihanna?

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 Earlier tonight, DJ Khaledshared "I'm Still," a new song from his upcoming album, Suffering From Success, featuring Wale, Wiz Khalifa and Ace Hood, with a hook by Chris Brown. It turns out, however, that Brown recorded more than the hook, and he took to Twitter to share his unreleased contribution:

I did a verse to dat bitch.. Lol... Please hold...

It's all bragadoccio and typical Chris Brown charm, even featuring a line that some might take as a comment on Rihanna:

"Every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch/ And all my niggas said I told ya/Now all these rap niggas wanna be political/Nah, fuck that I'm a real lyrical/killer"

Check it out below:

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