The Ariana Grande Donut Scandal Continues: Store Owner Is Indeed Pressing Charges

The pop star is now banned from Wolfee Donuts.

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There may have been some... holes... in previous reports of the Ariana Grande donut scandal. In case you're not caught up: Last week, Ariana got into a bit of trouble when a video leaked of her licking donuts at a donut shop without paying for them and then saying things like "I hate America." Yesterday, video-leaker TMZ (as well as many other outlets) reported that Little Miss Grande was off the hook with the donut charges she was possibly facing. 

But looks like that's not actually true. Wolfee Donuts owner Joe Marin talked about the incident on the Roz & Mocha show this morning and said that he's not just gonna let it go, despite what people are reporting. "I did press charges," he said. "And then when I was reading the newspaper it said that... I decided not to, and I don’t know where that came from."

He's super unhappy about the fact that her donut-tonguing brought his shop's A rating to a B. Ariana Grande is also banned from Wolfee altogether, and he refuses to lift the ban even if she were to apologize. Marin said that his business suffered from this, but I don't know, if I were in Lake Elsinore, Calif., I would DEFINITELY stop by "that donut shop where Ariana Grande licked those donuts." Maybe he kneads to relax (ugh). Still, he's right—it was not best practice to rudely lick those donuts, leaving them there for unsuspecting customers. (Even though I'm sure there's a market for people looking to buy Ariana-licked donuts.)

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