DJ Pound Highlights The Virtues of Street Bass On "New Endings" EP

I can't front: I didn't know a lot about DJ Pound when I first heard him drop gems during last fall's Street Bass Digital Festival. I like it like tha

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I can't front: I didn't know a lot about DJ Pound when I first heard him drop gems during last fall's Street Bass Digital Festival. I like it like that, though; it's so much easier to get a genuine idea about a producer's sound when you don't have other things to cloudy your vision. And truthfully, a stamp from Seclusiasis is enough. The Cali-based producer did have a sick release on SATURATE!, and the sound of New Endings, his new EP that dropped on March 3, is a great progression in the sound known as "street bass." Being that I'm a man that wants to get to know new (to me) producers, I got to have a brief conversation with the producer speaking on everything from his influences to what he feels the street bass movement is all about.

When did you get into producing? Who were some of your influences?

I got into producing over the years. But started taking it more serious around '03/'04. That's when I bought my MPC2000XL. Some production I was listening to heavy back then was the sample chopping styles of J-Zone. Kut Masta Kurt. Madlib. Jay Dee. And liked the dark heavy synth beats of Kool Keith. El-P.

What drew you to creating more bass-oriented electronic music?

Subwoofers. I've always had subs in my cars and always have had a thing for bass heavy thumping booming sound. Synthesizers in general sound great on subs and on big quality sound systems so I like to create a full sound so the speakers can be used to its fullest extent

We've known that Seclusiasis is all about "street bass." Your music fits perfectly into that aesthetic, but what does the term mean to you?

Street bass is that next level shit. Street bass is what naturally comes from the most forward thinking and experimenting producers in these streets. Our cultures music isn't only one genre, but somehow it all fits together.

Talk to us about the idea behind the title of your EP, New Endings.

The "New Endings" title was my way of paying respect to the part of life many people chose to ignore for many reasons. I'm giving attention the end of all things. The unmentioned side of life. Without ends there are no beginnings. A balanced attention needs to be placed in the not so attractive shiny sensational bright obvious stimuli. Balanced enough to where thinking of "endings" isn't a "bad" or "negative" thing. Where it only just is. Without that dirt there is no flower. Accepting all parts of life, not only the easy beginnings but the ends too. They are just as important. Praising the unseen and unknown. For only where there is darkness the light has purpose.

Will you be touring in support of the EP?

No plans to, but I'm hitting a couple spots up in northern Cali soon

What are some other tunes you have on the way in 2014?

One of my last tunes I'm working on that I like is the first tune on the mix. It's called "222," I made it on 2/22 and my EP came out on 3/3. What a trip.

What can the people expect from this mix you sorted us out with?

A mix of all my beats on the EP plus some newer beats I'm working on. A little of this. Its more dance-y sounding but still heavy. More fun stuff.

Do androids dance?

Yes of course , that is in their programming.

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