Premiere: DJ Sliink Brings RL Grime to Jersey With His Remix of "Scylla"

DJ Sliink brings the Jersey club sound to RL Grime's 'Void' remix pack.

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Things are looking up for the new generation of Jersey club in general, and for DJ Sliink specifically. Over the last few years he's charted an intriguing path that's taken the 24-year-old from Newark, NJ across the globe. With his style of infusing R&B and trap sounds into the fast-paced Jersey club rhythms like no one else, his talents have been sought after for high profile electronic music imprints like Fool's Gold, Body High, and Fade to Mind, as well as Skrillex's OWSLA imprint, who not only got an official rework from DJ Sliink in early 2014, but recently added him to their roster. Needless to say, things are looking up for Sliink.

Sliink's latest official remix is from RL Grime's Void remix pack. Void was RL Grime's first official album-length statement, chock full of humongous trap-infused anthems alongside some beautiful left turns. One of the biggest bangers on the LP, "Scylla," gets a much-needed club injection, with Sliink taking everything infectious about the original and morphing it into a club-shaking behemoth. It's a perfect testament to the space Sliink occupies: it's music for kids who grew up on hip-hop but instead of treading down familiar paths, grab that influence and highlight what makes it tick. It's perfect for the summer festival season, and is will make whatever situation you're in officially lit.

RL Grime's Void Remixes is out today on WEDIDIT, featuring AstronomarMelé, Salva, and many others doing the damn thing with a select number of Void cuts.

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