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Since the release of her album ‘Ctrl,’ SZA has rightfully become a huge star. But lucky for us, that hasn’t changed her too much, and Twitter is where she shines. It’s full of relatable gems, from relationship advice to her favorite foods. We’ve got 15 of her best tweets ever right here.

sza snl weekend

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sza snl weekend

We stan a relatable queen, and there might not be anyone more relatable on Twitter than SZA. Ctrl, released in 2017, was universally beloved and launched SZA into the spotlight—the album appeared on year-end lists, became source material for a headlining tour, and earned her five Grammy nominations. Since then, SZA has collaborated with Maroon Five and Cardi B, and linked with Kendrick Lamar for the lead single from the Black Panther soundtrack. To say that she’s killing it would be a severe understatement.

SZA’s music has gained her a fervent fanbase because of just how much people connect to her music, how vulnerable her lyrics are, and her perspective on love and relationships. She’s frank and open about what she shares in her music, and the way she runs her Twitter echoes that.

Unlike other celebs, who tend to tap out of Twitter once they make it big (or have an assistant run it for them), SZA still very much runs her own account. From requests for help to mere acknowledgement, she’s always chatting with the people who adore her and her music. So while fans queue up Ctrl on repeat and get in their feels, checking out SZA’s Twitter gives them an even deeper look behind the scenes of her life.

Above all else, the way SZA remains incredibly positive about life and her passions is a bright spot on a social media platform that’s garbage most of the time. Here are 15 of SZA’s best tweets, many of which will kick you in the ass and inspire you to get to work on your passions.

*lonelyyyyy sippin fowtieess*

— SZA (@sza) March 29, 2018

Who among us hasn’t been lonely and walked to our local bodega to pick up a 40 and drown our sorrows? Apparently that’s SZA’s jam, too.

Stay soft life is hard .

— SZA (@sza) March 27, 2018

Most of the time, when someone tells you “life is hard,” it’s usually in the context that you need to toughen up to hit life back even harder. Instead, SZA recommends staying soft, which is honestly a refreshing change of pace.

Hope Beyoncé’s having a good day

— SZA (@sza) March 9, 2018

Much like the rest of us, SZA is also always wondering how Beyoncé is doing.

God bless even the bitches that don’t fuck w me 🙏🏾❤️

— SZA (@sza) December 19, 2017

SZA is truly gracious, because she’s even shouting out “the bitches who don’t fuck with [her].” She’s goddamn benevolent.

🗣Indulging in someone's bad news is bad for ur karma! Even ppl u don't like! Wish them better n keep it pushin

— SZA (@sza) November 25, 2017

Honestly, is SZA the new Oprah? Tweets like this one really make you think.

"The weekend is a side bitch anthem"

First of all. U ain't eem got no man

— SZA (@sza) October 16, 2017

Much like the first reply to this tweet, SZA fully snatched our wigs when she called out someone who said her song “The Weekend” is a side bitch anthem.

I literally cut myself off in the middle of negative thoughts like bitch we don't have time for this come back .

— SZA (@sza) October 7, 2017

SZA’s Twitter feed might actually double as therapy if you can’t currently afford your copay.


— SZA (@sza) September 27, 2017

Honestly, this might be the best breakup advice we’ve ever heard.

Everyday is an opportunity to fix some shit u messed up . Mess ups are a moment quitting is forever . Be kind to urself

— SZA (@sza) September 24, 2017

SZA brings up a great point here—quitting is forever, so taking action to fix your shit is the only way to go.

Wow Suddenly I act .

— SZA (@sza) September 3, 2017

SZA’s known for her pretty positive outlook on her Twitter, so when a tweet like this comes up, we’ve gotta wonder who it could be about. Her mentions are screaming Kanye, but honestly this is as universal as it gets.

Hennessy . A concept .

— SZA (@sza) September 3, 2017

Really there’s not much to say about this tweet other than enthusiastically agree.

Lie to me n say ma booty gettin bigga even if it ain't

— SZA (@sza) August 23, 2017

SZA, we would love to lie to you about your booty getting bigger anytime. And by the way, it is perfect as is.

Anger depletes the body .

— SZA (@sza) August 14, 2017

Again, another SZA tweet that makes you think, “Huh, maybe I shouldn’t be so angry all the time.”

Making alotta bad decisions n wish someone would stop me but also no

— SZA (@sza) August 6, 2017

Honestly, this might be the best thing about SZA’s Twitter — just when you think she’s almost *too* insightful about life, she’ll post something like this. She’s just like us!

lol i member I used to hum around the house n my ex would tell me shut up...LOL BYEE NIGGUHHH🙋🏾😂

— SZA (@sza) September 28, 2017

The best revenge really is just flexing on your ex with a platinum single, amirite?

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