Who Is French Montana?

The latest addition to the Bad Boy/Maybach Music Group family talks about how he came up from Morocco to the Bronx to the top of the rap game.

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Max B & Jim Jones

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Have you kept in contact with Max B during his prison sentence?

Yeah, I spoke with Max B yesterday. He’s good. He’s fighting for his appeal. Hopefully he’ll be released soon.

How did you and him become friends? 

Through a couple of close friends that we both knew.

Last year, you had a pretty public beef with Jim Jones. Is that dead now or is there still a little animosity there?

Nah. I’m getting money and he’s getting money. [The situation involving the hit on my head] had nothing to do with Jim Jones.

Cocaine City DVDs

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The Akon Deal

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Waka Flocka Mixtape

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Maybach Music Group

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How did you end up getting on the Maybach Music album?

Ross [extended the invitation]. We recorded in Daddy’s House one day. He just called me over. He let me hear the whole album. He said, ‘What song you like?’ I told him which one I liked ["Big Bank"] and he told me to put a verse on it. He called me three days after. like, "Look, I need your name on this." That was it.

Prior to your signing with Bad Boy, there were rumors that you had deals with Maybach Music and with G.O.O.D. Music on the table. Any of those factual?


My album is going to be executive produced by Puff and Rick Ross. It’s gonna be co–Bad Boy/MMG.


Maybach’s a part of my deal. [Other labels that pitched deals] was G.O.O.D. Music, Roc Nation, Sony, Def Jam, Interscope—if you can name them, it was on the table. [The decision to go to Bad Boy came] when I sat down with Puff. He let me get anything I wanted. He met everything I wanted. When I sat down with everybody else, they were still kind of like [hesitant on meeting my deal demands]. For Puff to bring Rick Ross to be a part of my situation was excellent for me. My album is going to be executive produced by Puff and Rick Ross. It’s gonna be co–Bad Boy/MMG.

Speaking of Kanye, didn’t we see you backstage at the Watch The Throne tour?

Kanye invited me there. Shout-out to Kanye. He’s definitely one of my inspirations and I look up to him. I appreciate everything he did. Definitely shout-out to Jay-Z and Kanye. They’re legends. I had fun that day. I was just kicking it with them since they invited me to come.

The Bad Boy Deal

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How did the Bad Boy deal come about?

I bumped into [Diddy] in Vegas. He told me that he’s been looking to meet me. He was looking for me, so I gave him my number and he called me that same night. He was like, ‘Look, we about to leave.’ I had my flight in the morning, so he said, ‘We about to take the G5 back. Ride with us and let’s talk.’ I went with him, and we spoke. Ever since then it’s been history.


Diddy said, 'We about to take the G5 back. Ride with us and let’s talk.’ I went with him, and we spoke. Ever since then it’s been history.


It’s been rumored time and time again that Bad Boy artists don’t always have the best of luck. Did you have any reservations about signing to the label?

Of course [I had my reservations about signing to Bad Boy based off their reputation]. Anybody would. That would just be the obvious. My new thing is, I don’t judge my relationship on everything that came before me or after. I’m gonna judge you on how you and me do business. I feel like, a person will only do something to you that you’ll allow him to. I don’t understand how somebody can jerk you [on a deal], and you looking at the contract the same way they looking at it. I think everything is going to be straight. I think I have a good team and good management, shout-out to Mizay [Entertainment]. I got Ross with me, Diddy with me, and the whole Coke Boys, Chinx Drugz, Flip—we got a powerful team. I don’t think one person can stop that.

What's Diddy really like?

I always been a fan of Diddy, so when I met him it was like—a lot of people get it fucked up because they think that he’s a corporate guy and this and that. He’s just like me, a regular cat. He humble.


French's Future

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Do you have any plans in the future to collaborate with your labelmates, specifically Machine Gun Kelly and Red Cafe?

Of course. I want to work with everybody. Shout-out to Cassie, Red Cafe, MGK—shout-out to everybody. If we come up with something that’s hot, we can put them all on [the debut album].

What lies in the future for French Montana? 

Everything. [I’m taking it] to the top. I feel like, music and films is the movement. It’s gonna be me.

When can we expect the debut Bad Boy LP?

I’m taking care of music. I took a little break from the whole Cocaine City thing, but I’m about to come back hard.

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