Jagged Edge Member Arrested For Shoving His Fianceé's Engagement Ring Down Her Throat

He was arrested early this morning.


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Kyle Norman, member of the popular R&B group Jagged Edge, was arrested early Thursday morning for aggravated assault charges. According to CBS 46, the police were called to his Atlanta home and were greeted by his fianceé who told them that she had gotten into an argument with Norman about his drinking.

Police reported that the victim had a number of injuries, including welts under her eyes, a cut on her nose and a golfball sized knot on her her upper left forehead. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the report is that Norman choked her with a scarf and shoved her engagement ring down her throat, suffocating her more. She was able to escape to a nearby neighbor's house to call the police after agreeing with things that he said in order to calm him down.

The police apprehended Norman after seeing him running down the sidewalk yelling "I need to go to jail." He then admitted that he was upset that his father had cancer, which is why he was upset with his fianceé. She is currently being treated at Atlanta Medical Center.

[via CBS46]

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