Tyga's "Stimulated" Ode to Kylie Jenner Samples A Song Called "Children"

"They say she young, I should've waited..."

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Is Tyga the most shamelessly provocative pedophile in the history of American music? Not only does he have his girlfriend Kylie Jennerstarring in the music video for "Stimulated," in which Tyga crafts statutory rape into a rap hook, but it turns out that the song itself samples a 1995 trance hit by Robert Miles called (wait for it) "Children." We shit you not.

It's not immediately clear who, exactly, produced "Stimulated," a track from Tyga's most recent mixtape, Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout, or whether the sample is a knowing, trolling nod to Tyga's songwriting. In any case, the irony is in full effect, as Tyga's romantic relationship with Kylie Jenner, which started long before Jenner turned 18, has become a point of fascination and disgust among rap fans, Kardashian onlookers, and critics.

Listen to Robert Miles' "Children" below, and then, for comparison's sake, take another listen to Tyga's "Stimulated" above. [h/t Sean Stout]

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