Action Bronson on Shaving His Beard Off: 'I Was High Out of My Mind'

Action Bronson's beard was iconic, and became a part of his celebrity, which is why people were shocked to see he'd shaved it all off recently. He explains why he did it and how initial reactions have been in a new interview with Hot 97.

If you’ve been on the internet this week, chances are you’ve seen the rare sight that is Action Bronson with a shaved face. In a new interview with Hot 97, Bronson revealed why he shaved his iconic beard, and it’s equal parts crazy and oddly predictable coming from him. 

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“I was high out of my mind…it was this new strain,” he began. “I never have clippers in my house for this reason. I usually call somebody to come help me out and come do that.” But this time, the rapper had clippers on hand and in his state, he thought this was the perfect time to start trimming. 

“I just started trimming and it went bad, it went awry,” he confessed. “I tried to give it a fade, I tried to make it slim. I couldn’t stop, and then I ended up looking like Hulk Hogan in the face.”

“It was just a bad move,” he added, which suggests we might get the big, fluffy beard sometime soon. He added that people are upset at him over the shave.

Whatever your personal reaction to Bronson’s new relatively clean-shaven face might be—he says some people told him he looks like a chicken nugget now—it’s probably not as intense as that of his children, who were brutally honest with him. “They’re honest kids: ‘I don’t like the way your face looks, Dad,’” he said of their reaction. 


If you miss seeing Bronson’s beard, you can watch his recent appearance on Open Late, in which he opens up about his upcoming appearance alongside Robert De Niro in the Martin Scorsese directed The Irishman. He bombed the interview—at least in part because he couldn’t read the script, “because I need glasses which is crazy in itself because I thought I had fighter pilot vision.” He still got the part because Scorcese is apparently a big fan of "Baby Blue" and Fuck That's Delicious, and as a result Bronson shares a small scene with De Niro.

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