Chanel Thierry Calls Mustard Out Amid Their Divorce Battle

Thierry accused her estranged husband of trying to "demolish" her name as they fight over child custody.

Steve Granitz / WireImage

Chanel Thierry​​​​​​​ has issued her “last warning” to Mustard: “Don’t play with me.”

The influencer/businesswoman sent the message via Instagram on Thursday, shortly after they reportedly reached a deal in their divorce. According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, the estranged couple agreed that their prenuptial contract was both valid and enforceable, and that Mustard’s music catalog was “his sole and separate property.”

However, Thierry insists their divorce is far from settled, as Mustard is trying “demolish” her name in an effort to dodge child support payments. She made the claims in a series of posts this week, more than 18 months after Mustard filed for divorce.

“The world has watched you uplift me as a mother and wife and now because you decided to leave and try to replace me and it didn’t work,” she wrote in a tweet that was reshared on Instagram. “You want to demolish my name!? It’s disgusting. The nerve to have me fighting for custody because you are so bitter and don’t want to pay [child support]. I sat in the house YEARS watching them kids while you toured the world!”

Mustard seemingly threw a jab at Thierry in his own Instagram Stories, writing: “Its been a year and a half man… shop sleep ova for all your pj needs.” (Sleep Ova is the name of Thierry’s Los Angeles-based pajamas and loungewear brand.) He also reposted the C Blu meme in which he tells the camera, “This b***c keeps bothering me and bothering me and bothering me.”

“It won’t stop,” Mustard captioned the clip.

Thierry, who shares three kids with Mustard, accused her ex of “deflecting” and trying to create a false narrative about her feelings toward him.

“You’re upset I’m airing you out,” she wrote in another X post. “I would never associate myself with a low vibrational soul like u ever again. I will give you ANYTHING to post [receipts] of me begging to be with you. The door locks from the inside not the out.”

She reshared the message on Instagram, along with the message: “Don’t play with me. This ya last warning my boy.”

Thierry addressed her divorce proceedings in an exclusive statement to The Jasmine Brand, claiming she and Mustard are still locked in a custody dispute.

“Nothing is settled, not even child support,” she said. “[Mustard] still owes back child support. [Mustard] refuses to co-parent with me since filing. My lawyers are working very hard to get court-ordered co-parenting classes going because he refuses to.”

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