I Took a Bunch of Ls Playing the Meeky Mill Game

The Ls keep coming for Meek.

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Meek Mill hasn’t been having very good luck lately. After taking a massive L following his unsuccessful beef with Drake, he took another one from 50 Cent. Now the Otaku Gang and game developer Richie Branson have decided to make a game about Meek’s losses, which you can download at MeekyMill.com. (Warning: The game doesn’t work on Google Chrome.)

When I first opened the game, I was greeted with a track featuring Drake, 50 Cent, and Future, which is basically one big “fuck you” to poor Meeky, the character I would be controlling for my brief side-scrolling adventure. I was instructed to collect cash and jump over spikes in Super Mario-esque fashion as Drake and 50 Cent bombarded me with Ls from UFO-like spaceships.

I did pretty well at first, collecting almost $100,000 before 50's spaceship had even showed up, but my good fortune was clearly not meant to last. As I attempted to leap over a set of spikes, an L bomb connected with Meeky’s head, and I lost all of my hard-earned coins, though the game kept going until I took three Ls. You can win the game if you get to $1 million, but this is a difficult task when one hit from an L bomb makes you lose everything.

After a solid half hour of attempting to emerge victorious from the beef, I had only racked up a high score of $210,000, which is quite a long ways away from the sum I would need to win. I took this as a sort of spiritual communication, a message that Meeky was clearly not meant to defeat 50 and Drake.

Meek’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj is curiously absent from the game entirely, which is probably the most respectful option. Still, she’s been sharing what seem to be intentionally vague philosophical quotes on her Instagram about ego and tact, so maybe she isn’t too happy about Meek’s feuds, either.

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