Talib Kweli Blasts Iggy Azalea For Her Interpretation of Macklemore's "White Privilege II"

Talib did not like Iggy's response to Macklemore's "White Privilege II."

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UPDATE 1/22/2016: Talib and Iggy's conversation continue. They go back and forth about Iggy's place in hip-hop and if she understands the value of Black Lives Matter. The water crisis in Flint, Mich. is also brought up as well. Read the heated exchange below.

@TalibKweli I actually love hip hop, i wouldnt endure the amount of shit i get if i didnt. maybe i dont showcase it in the way you like
@IGGYAZALEA with all due respect, boo fucking hoo. Not here to here about what you have to "endure" when ppl in Flint being poisoned.
@TalibKweli with all due respect, what does flint have to do with measuring my love of music?
@IGGYAZALEA and by bringing up flint, I was giving you an example of something real ppl are going thru that dwarfs what u claim to endure
@IGGYAZALEA cuz as a privileged white recording artist profiting off the culture u don't give back to no one wants to hear what u endure
@TalibKweli Its a complicated world that we live in, i just want people to give me some space to navigate it without judgement.
@IGGYAZALEA I'm talking about people dying. You talking about gimme space. See the problem here?
@TalibKweli there are so many ways to help create change, i dont need you passing judgement on me because i dont utilize social media
@TalibKweli im not offended by Macklemores song tho, thats the thing. you seem to think iam. and im NOT.
@IGGYAZALEA you seem to have plenty of time to get on social media and address a myriad of bullshit. No no judgments.
@TalibKweli none of the shit i talk about has ever been political, i come on and chat shit with my fans. thats my prerogative. do you.
@TalibKweli your over here lurking fan conversations and then getting heated thinking i dont value black lives or love rap music.
@IGGYAZALEA and if you value black lives, shit I can't tell. I can tell you love black culture tho. I think u confuse the first w the latter
@TalibKweli when u hold all the other artists to the same standard u hold me and send them angry tweets, we can continue this conversation.
@IGGYAZALEA hiphop come from oppression & struggle that u don't experience.
@TalibKweli your just going to have to come to grips with the fact there are people out there who just like a good song to dance to.
@IGGYAZALEA your gonna have to come to terms with the fact that you are deflecting from the topic because you lack comprehension.
@TalibKweli no, you WANT me to be angry so you can be angry AT ME for supposedly overlooking the songs meaning. but im not.
@IGGYAZALEA if you ain't mad, why did you suggest Macklemore was fake for mentioning you? pic.twitter.com/DCzaLUDgPn
@TalibKweli if he felt that way he had ample chance 2 mention it to me in person over the years, but i dont really care that he said my name
@TalibKweli suddenly that is some passionate response discrediting black lives? okay talib.
@IGGYAZALEA but even if he was dissing you, which he wasn't, what you got to say about black ppl dying by state sponsored violence rapper?
@IGGYAZALEA the song is about him grappling w things ppl say to him. U are scenery in the song, it ain't about you
@TalibKweli im SCENERY. im not pressed about it. youre the one on here all hot and bothered about it. all your doing is making it about me.

Here's Iggy's final thoughts on the song:

The world is FUNNY. Im not actually heated about macklamores song or its message. I dont think its intention was to make me a tending topic.
If you love the song, great. Im really happy you have something to jam to with purpose. Tweeting troll hate at me only overshadows that.

See below for the original story.

Talib Kweli has some choice words for Iggy Azalea as the rapper took to Twitter to address comments made by Iggy towards Macklemore over "White Privilege II." "The fact @iggyazalea thinks Macklemore song was a diss to her, instead of actually listening, is proof of her privilege. Fuck Iggy Azalea," he writes. “I actually rooted for Iggy when she first came out. But she’s disrespected hip hop culture one too many times." 


If you missed it, Iggy Azalea addressed Macklemore on Twitter in response to his new single with Ryan Lewis. On the song, Macklemore drops Iggy's name along with Miley Cyrus and Elvis Presley as people who have been criticized for cultural appropriation. Read all of Talib's tweets in response to Iggy below. 

The fact @iggyazalea thinks Macklemore song was a diss to her, instead of actually listening, is proof of her privilege. Fuck Iggy Azalea.
True story. I actually rooted for Iggy when she first came out. But she's disrespected hip hop culture one too many times.
(Hey man I respect Art & give everyone a chance to fuck up!) RT @rudapu92: thanks for catching up with us https://t.co/VotuY3XuwO
(Her response was wack AF cuz she validated that fan tweet) RT @QuintaleAzalea: that was a fan, not her. She was responding to a fan.
(Stole from Kendrick, tweets "nigga" dissed qtip, dismisses privilege) RT @ChellaChicago: what did she do to disrespect the culture ?

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