Lady Gaga Speaks Out in Defense of Kesha: "Why Is [the] Victim Always the Liar?"

Gaga is the latest artist to publicly voice her support for the singer.

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Lady Gaga is joining many of her colleagues in publicly supporting Kesha during her ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. The singer took to Instagram to post a message in defense of Kesha. "The very reason women don't speak up for years is the fear that no one will believe them or their abuser has threatened their life or life of their loved ones/livelihood in order to keep their victim quiet and under control," she wrote. "What happened to Kesha has happened to many female artists, including myself, and it will affect her for the rest of her life."

Gaga added, "No one needs to validate Kesha. Why is victim always the 'liar'? Why do we let people in a position of power get away with behaving inhumanely? These guys hide behind the legal system and it's their litigious behavior that is precisely what they use to rape these girls. 'Give me what I want or else I will come after you' and they have all the money and the resources to do it." Gaga also posted California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom's words of support and shared a picture of herself with Kesha captioned, "Free Kesha."

This is not the first time Gaga has been vocal on this subject. She has opened up in the past about her own personal experience with abuse. She also earned an Oscar nomination for "Til It Happens to You" from the documentary about campus rapes, titled The Hunting Ground. Gaga joins the likes of AdeleTaylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and many more who have publicly rallied in support of Kesha. Kesha recently shared a personal post thanking everyone for their huge outpouring of support.

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