Game Of Thrones' Theme Song Gets An Official Remix From Armin Van Buuren

Game Of Thrones' notorious theme song receives an official electronic remix.

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I'm still coming down from last night's panic-attack inducing Game Of Thrones episode. I won't mention specifics because I don't want to be a spoiler but it involved a lot of screaming (on the characters' part) and muting the TV (on my part). One way to come down: to check out Armin Van Buuren​'s official remix of the show's notorious theme song. "I'm a big fan of the Game of Thrones and really honored I've been asked to do an official remix of their anthem," he explained. First premiered at this year's Ultra Music Festival in March, the official remix of the theme song features a heart-pounding bassline that could rival anyone's pulse while watching last week's battle with the white walkers. Met with spitfire synths, the whole thing mounts to a heady trance more pungent than Cersei's wine.

Listen below to the official remix out now on Spotify and iTunes courtesy of his Armind imprint of Armada Music.

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