Azealia Banks Talks Reckless About Nicki Minaj, Barbz Go All the Way In

Azealia Banks attacked Nicki Minaj's looks in a series of since-deleted Facebook posts and the Barbz went in.

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Here we go again, Azealia Banks fans. Hours after revealing she suffered a miscarriage in a since-deleted Facebook post, Banks proceeded to attack Nicki Minaj. The rapper went after Nicki's appearance and suggested she should "slim down a bit" and "decrease [her] butt size."


Nicki Minaj has one hugely dedicated fan base and the Barbz started to go in on Banks for her pretty vicious attacks.

Banks then deleted the posts and wrote "I am not the same person I was two hours ago." She then said that "it's all jokes guys."

The Barbz are not letting up so easily and continued to slam Banks who took to Facebook once again to thank them for increasing her online mentions. "Thanks for all the new meta-data barbs! Everytime u say 'Azealia Banks' you add to that SEO!! It's always a nice Free push of data that adds to ones popularity in the invisible country that basically is the World Wide Web."

Apparently the whole beef started because Nicki Minaj's new mobile app, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, has a character that some believe takes a shot at Banks. As you can see in the screengrab below, a character slams an artist by the name of Fan2Sea and compares them to a mermaid. Banks had a 2012 mixtape titled Fantasea that featured her as a mermaid on the cover.

Apparently Nicki Minaj's new mobile video game shades Azealia Banks somehow ... but I just can't fig out how. What am I looking at?

This isn't the first time Banks has come after Nicki. Check out some of the best Barb reactions to Banks' comments below.

Nicki Minaj had more sales on her perfume than Azealia album had.
azealia banks will never be ANYTHING outside of this app. nicki minaj exists outside of these 140 characters, azealia banks does not.
Nicki Minaj is an icon she doesn't waste her time with bums like Azealia.
Azealia banks really does make better music than nicki Minaj. She's just a problem starter 😂😂
@Nellusion azealia is not god, she is not tupac, she is just just a stupid hoe with no talent. NICKI is one of the best rappers alive
Azealia has pure talent, but so does Nicki Minaj...she can rap and knows how to make money
Azealia Banks dragged Nicki's perfumes but these perfumes outsold her discography, no shade!
Nicki Minaj had more sales on her perfume than Azealia album had.
azealia's drag consisted of nothing but shaming nicki's body and y'all hyping her up? wyd...
By the way, Azealia basically clocked herself by exposing she listens to Nicki's music, buys her perfumes & drinks her drinks. A real stan.

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