Pitbull Warns Donald Trump: "Watch Out For El Chapo"

Pitbull warns Donald Trump: "watch out for El Chapo."

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The hate keeps piling on for Donald Trump and the latest to call out the billionaire presidential hopeful was Pitbull at a Spanish-language awards show yesterday. During the ceremony, which aired on Univision, Pitbull urged a handful of politicians currently campaigning for president to "step it up." "I want to tell Marco Rubio, step it up!" he said, according to Billboard. "Jeb Bush, step it up! Hillary Clinton, step it up! Because Donald Trump can't be president." Then, he, got a little more serious, saying, "For all of the Latinos out there, keep your heads up, and Trump, watch out for El Chapo dude."

Trump is still feeling the backlash from comments he made in a speech last month in which he referred to Mexican immigrants as "drug-runners and rapists." Pitbull's warning comes after Trump reportedly contacted police upon receiving a death threat allegedly from Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. While the threat itself has yet to be verified, El Chapo did just escape from prison, which is kind of scary timing for Trump. 

Pitbull also shared a more general reaction to Trump's comments about Mexicans, saying, "I want him to know I'm not a politician. I'm a musician. I'm a Latino first. I support our people."

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