Sipprell Finds ‘Peace In The Madness’ On Motherhood-Inspired New Album

She wrote and recorded almost the entire album during her pregnancy last year.

Image via Publicist

Back in August last year, UK soul-R&B singer Sipprell released “Already Yours”, a tender piece of songwriting inspired by motherhood, both from the perspective of a daughter and a soon-to-be-mother.

The experience of pregnancy and becoming a mother was, understandably, a life-changing one and a continuing source of inspiration for the South London singer-songwriter. Now in the swing of motherhood, she’s just released a whole album that she says was written and recorded almost in its entirety before her daughter was born.

“I wrote and recorded the majority of Peace In The Madness during my pregnancy with my daughter,” she said in a statement. “My nine-month deadline motivated me, and I was happy to zone out from the outside noise and pressures of social media. I had a new sense of purpose, felt more emotionally connected and more at peace with myself. I think this record embodies a lot of the emotions and experiences we share as humans: love, grief, hope, and struggles with our mental health. I think we all have our forms of escapism and are seeking peace in our own way, amidst life’s chaos. That’s what this album became for me.”

“Already Yours” is included in the tracklist along with 12 other new songs, including a collaboration with NAO. Listen to Peace In The Madness in full below.

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