ShaSimone Salutes Grime History With Jumpy “Lock Off”

The East London rhymer gets us all fired up for the festival season this summer with a rapid-fire run-through of some of grime's greatest hits.

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With festival season fast approaching, if they’re smart, your favourite artists will be looking into their repertoires and making sure they’ve got some surefire slammers ready to tear the moshpits up. Although relatively new to the game, it looks like UK rap’s bright new star, ShaSimone, knows exactly what’s expected of her this summer because her new single, “Lock Off”, is ready to do some major damage when she hits the stage.

Tooled with a production from TK, the track is packed with nods and references to grime history without taking the easy route with an obvious sample (would you expect anything less from an East Londoner?). Instead, she weaves in nods to Skepta’s “Go on then, go on then” along with references to classic rhymes from Ghetts, D Double E, Frisco, and more. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool grime head, you’ll get a good few thrills, but if you’re less familiar, you’ll still have just as much fun in the pit.

ShaSimone also dropped off some visuals for the track, that surround the East Londoner with her squad, each and every one of them dressed head to toe in the finest garms—pairing very well with the tales of her high-roller exploits in fashion capital Milan.

“‘Lock Off’ is an energetic song to me,” she says. “I really wanted to pay homage to the grime scene having grown up on it and wanted to create something for festival season that’s about to start.”

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