Shaé Universe Deals With A Bittersweet Breakup On Her New Single “Passenger Princess”

Not everything in life makes sense, and that’s okay.

Image via Karis Beaumont

UPDATE (Sept. 1): The official video for “Passenger Princess” has arrived. Press play on that below and revisit the original story on the flip.

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Video via YouTube

Back with her first release since last year’s Unorthodox EP, Shaé Universe returns with her brand new single, “Passenger Princess”.

Tooled with a slow-burning production from TSB, the new single sees Shaé decompress and sort through the complex feelings she experienced after accepting that a relationship had truly run its course. True to life, “Passenger Princess” isn’t so much about finding closure as it is accepting that sometimes things aren’t so cut and dry, and that the healthy thing to do is make peace with the reality of a messy and unsatisfying conclusion. Not everything in life makes sense, and that’s okay.

Speaking about the new track, Shaé says: “‘Passenger Princess’ was birthed from bittersweet feelings about my ex at the time. He’d sent me roses all the way from LA and I still wasn’t over everything we’d been through when I received them so I put all my mixed emotions into this song.”

The London-based R&B singer added: “I think ‘Passenger Princess’ is a very special song because not only is the title current and relatable, but the song’s deeper message of not always knowing exactly how to navigate situations is part of being a human with feelings, a part that sometimes frustrates us but hopefully, through this song, people feel seen and confident enough to accept this grey area of life.”

Following performances at festivals such as Glastonbury, SXSW, Roskilde, De Roma Festival and The Great Escape, Shaé continues to bring us into her own Universe.

Press play on “Passenger Princess” below and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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