Premiere: LA Disco House Duo Wild & Free's "Trippin On You" Is A Love Letter To The 303

Things get steamy...

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There's nothing quite like finding love on the dancefloor, is there? In the case of LA-based duo Drew Kramer and George Cochrane, aka Wild & Free, in their new video, "Trippin On You", that means getting busy with the love of their collective life: a Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It's the modern world, why not? And it fits pretty well with the bouncy disco rhythm the pair have produced, which naturally takes full advantage of the 303's sound. 

"'Trippin On You' is a love letter to the 303, which is one of our favorite synthesizers," they explained to us via email. "After writing the song we knew we wanted to make a taboo music video about the relationship between a person and a synthesizer. Our director Kelly Reed took it even further creating a surreal world where someone could date a synth—meeting on the street going on a picnic and even getting into a steamy love scene… This video is meant to poke fun at the playful intimacy between an artist and their instrument."

The new video comes fresh off the back of a new batch of remixes of tracks from their debut album Shapes On Shapes

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