Premiere: midnight Takes Us On An Eclectic Late Night Journey With 'Nocturne Reprise' EP

A little softer in approach compared to its predecessor.


Image via Publicist


Earlier this year, NY-based midnight released the deeply soulful Nocturne collection with producer yxlr. Now midnight is back to revisit those three tracks on the Nocturne Reprise EP (due May 22). The new interpretations are a little darker than their versions from earlier in the year, but there's a smooth soulfulness to the collection. Though he's still mining the realms of what he calls "anti-pop", the new collection is a little softer in its approach, pushing the impassioned vocals to the fore and spurring them on with some more club-ready rhythms. 

Speaking with Complex via email, the NY-based producer and singer told us: "Every tune on Nocturne was an immersive distillation of the midnight experience. With the Reprise EP, ylxr and I have provided contrasting interpretations of each of the tunes compared to their original production. More delicate than dystopian, more romance than rage, Nocturne Reprise is the rose to the original Nocturne EP’s blade, all while still providing the glitched, future forward anti-pop midnight is synonymous with."

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