Premiere: Dario Lessing And Rezar Combine For Subtle Indie Collaboration "Better Days"

Lifted from the pair's EP of the same name, due July 3.

Dario Lessing


Dario Lessing

Berlin-based composer and pianist Dario Lessing, known primarily for thoughtfully-crafted piano pieces and instrumentals, today arrives with something a little different. "Better Days" — along with the upcoming EP of the same name — is the result of his partnership with with NIHILS vocalist Ramon Riezouw, aka Rezar, creating an indie-leaning track elevated by Lessing's instinct for sonic landscapes and atmospheric textures.

While closer to pop music in the loosest sense than Lessing's usual output, "Better Days" still draws heavily on his gift for stirring emotion with detailed and nuanced compositions. Together with Rezar's gentle vocals yet rousing vocals, the track swoops and soars with one or two sonic surprises along the way.

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