Premiere: Dream Pop Band Bad Sounds Come To Rescue Your Vibe With "Sympathetic Vibrations"

The pair have evolved somewhat since their debut album's raucous blend of indie and R&B.

After a big 2018 that saw them release their debut album Get Better, Bristol band Bad Sounds, fronted by Callum And Ewan Merrett, are back with new single, "Sympathetic Vibrations", and a headline Camden show, which has sadly already sold out. 

Get Better's raucous blend of indie and R&B has evolved somewhat in the intervening months and the results on "Sympathetic Vibrations" are much softer and dreamier. Of course, their next single could completely contradict that, but for now it seems as if the pair are exploring a different path.

Though there's no word of a new album, and it's a little early to be assuming there would be anyway, a steady stream of singles of this calibre should be more than enough to satisfy.

Speaking with Complex via email, Callum and Ewan explained: "Obviously good and bad feelings can be kind of contagious, and I guess the theme is how people can affect each other in that way. For us it's about not wanting to pull someone into a negative space when they're trying to pull you out of one, and vice versa. In a way it's kind of our take on 'don't kill my vibe', but also us saying 'I don't wanna kill yours either'. It might mean you're a sociopath if you don't relate to it. So there's some incentive to like it."

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