Premiere: Rising Singer Alex Porat Turns The Tables On Aloof Men With New Single "girlfriend"

After dropping two EPs — her self-titled debut and the self-effacing follow-up 'bad at breakups' — Toronto singer Alex Porat is back with a poppier new sound.

Alex Porat (credit: Mariah Hamilton)

Image via Mariah Hamilton

Alex Porat (credit: Mariah Hamilton)

After dropping two EPs—her self-titled debut and the self-effacing follow-up bad at breakups—Toronto singer Alex Porat is back with “girlfriend’. Still marked by the dry wit that made last year’s drops so inviting, the new single flips some old tropes on their head and packages them up in a slightly poppier sound than past releases.

Although her last EP, bad at breakups, still had a significant pop element to it, the four-tracker had an airy, slightly alternative edge to it. The new single, however, leans into that pop sound even further with a brighter, more upbeat approach and plenty of colour. Again, it’s Porat’s wit that’s the star of the show, turning the tables on the type of man who likes to mess women around and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

“I always found it so annoying how guys could get away with doing the most relationship-like things and act like a boyfriend, but then turn around and say that they’re not in a relationship,” Porat tells Complex. “So this time I wanted to flip that perspective, and this is my take.”

Listen to “girlfriend” exclusively below.

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