UK R&B Star Mahalia Returns With Sophomore Album ‘IRL’

Featuring Stormzy, Joyce Wrice, Kojey Radical, Destin Conrad, and “Leave (Get Out)” star JoJo.

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Four years on from Love & Compromise, UK R&B star Mahalia is back with her second album, IRL. We’ve hardly been starved of music since her debut, but despite the near-constant stream of music she’s given us, fan anticipation has nevertheless been sky-high.

JD. Reid has been brought on as executive producer, handling a good chunk of the production and some of the songwriting, too. The remaining production is credited to Ben Hart, The Elements, RAYE, Spencer Stewart and GRADES. As for features, she’s kept it to a small group of like-minded artists, including Stormzy, Joyce Wrice, Kojey Radical, Destin Conrad and “Leave (Get Out)” star JoJo.

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Speaking on the creation of the album and what it means to her, Mahalia shares: “This is a real reflection of the journeys I’ve had, what actually happened and a celebration of everyone who got me there. There are names and family members I mention because it all helped in shaping who I am. I’m so proud of this album, and so proud of how much I challenged myself to just let those stories out.”

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