Knucks Recruits Kwengface For Suprise Drop “Lucious”

We’re still reeling from the shockwaves 'Alpha Place' sent through the scene this summer, but the West London rhymer’s already back with a fresh hit.

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We’re still reeling from Knucks’ stunning Alpha Place project, and the shockwaves it sent through the scene this summer, but there’s no time for any of that because the West London rhymer is already back with a fresh hit for us. “Lucious” dropped on Friday and it sees him team up with Kwengface for a rare take on drill.

Bolstered by an ultra-heavy and very choppy drill production from the originator himself Carns Hill, it’s a dark backdrop for the pair, but they still take us to some unexpected places. Touching on that darkness, Knucks compares himself to the Dark Knight surveying Gotham City, while Kwengface has fun with some of the darker drill tropes, but they mix that in with talk about stealing your girl and some jabs at Twitter Spaces.

Dir. LX is behind the camera and he’s created a lavish and cinematic treatment for the track. Knucks sets the scene, hopping between the boardroom and a penthouse suite, surrounded by the spoils of a successful career. Kwengface, meanwhile, is in the trenches, briefing a squad of special forces types about all things drill while Knucks looks on approvingly.

They might not be two you’d immediately put together, but in their own separate ways they’ve both proven beyond doubt just how versatile they can be. Peep the “Lucious” visuals above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.


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