Born in Tottenham, North London, to Nigerian parents, rising R&B talent JayO has been on the scene for a few years now, cultivating a seductive blend of UK R&B smoothness and the bumping Afrobeats rhythms of his parents’ home country. It’s a combination that has earned the singer-songwriter an impressively-sized fanbase, but with his new single, “22”, he might have bested himself.

JayO has been teasing the track for over a month now, tweeting snippets of lyrics and making sure his fans are absolutely at their wit’s end when he finally does drop. You can all let out a big sigh of relief now because the new track dropped late last night (at 22:22 on the 22nd, no less).

Pairing a simple R&B piano riff with the most subtle, pared-back Afrobeats drum pattern, “22” also comes with a video from director Charlie Rees. Bathed in warm colour palettes, we see our protagonist and his lover in a very lavish apartment, dancing around each other, somehow making chess sexy as they toy with each other before ultimately giving in to their passions.

A steamy and seductive release for the month of lovers, you can hit play on the new video at the top before adding “22” to all your seduction playlists.