The last few years have given Digga D plenty to celebrate. His career’s back on track and doing better than ever and his life, in general, seems to be on the up. Hardly surprising then that he’s dropping feel-good bangers like “Energy”.

Digga hasn’t gone soft by any stretch, but this new tune feels like he’s reached a point where he can relax a bit and take stock of his successes. His flow’s still tough and it pairs well with X10 and Hargo’s production, who boost the celebratory vibes with a clipped and pitched-up vocal sample on the hook.

And in the spirit of a good knees-up, the video—directed by DonProd, 247MB, TheUDtv and 6amire—followed Digga on his recent trips to Paris and Barcelona, where he got to meet some fans and, by the looks of it, completely shut down the entire city centres for a meet-and-greet.

Press play on the “Energy” visuals above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.