11 EDM Super Groups You Should Know

With dance music's ridiculous stateside explosion we've seen a lot of different changes, and one of them is the increased number of side-projects. Mor

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With dance music's ridiculous stateside explosion we've seen a lot of different changes, and one of them is the increased number of side-projects. More than just side-projects, dance music has now entered the age of the supergroup. According to the wonderful and always scholarly Wikipedia, a super group is defined as follows: "A supergroup is a music group whose members are already successful as solo artists or as part of other groups."

So, who are the supergroups? We're looking at acts that have established producers and/or DJs coming together to make some electronic magic. With that said, we have to say sorry Daft Punk, no dice. And we love you Evol Intent, but you guys blew up AFTER you were in the group. Who does that leave, then? Here are 11 supergroups in electronic music supergroups you should know.


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Members: Afrojack and Steve Aoki

Afrojack and Steve Aoki both catch a lot of flack. For many diehard ravers, the two represent a lot of what's wrong with the current state of dance music. Whether it's Afrojack's painful pop-ified house and fling with Paris Hilton or Aoki's lack of DJing or authenticity, ravers always find something to say about these two... so what happens when the two combine forces? They say "fuck the haters!" as they usually do, make a boss track like "No Beef" and keep chuggin' along. Afroki releases have been few and far between, but the two have always been chummy. Afrojack even made a special appearance at this year's Dim Mak pool party during Miami Music Week for a little Afroki DJ action. And just recently, Afroki dropped a new, unreleased track in Amsterdam, so whether or not you like them, they will be around for a while.


Swedish House Mafia

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Members: Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello

Before this trio officially aligned, they had already had long established friendships and well established solo careers. Before officially embarking as the Swedish House Mafia, the trio worked with Dutch producer Laidback Luke to come up wiith "Get Dumb" and the much more famous "Leave The World Behind," setting the path the would ultimately launch them into the legendary status they hold now. And now they say they're done... but even Amy Thompson didn't deny a reunion tour would happen, she just didn't know when...


Duck Sauce

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Members: A-Trak and Armand Van Helden

Disco! Disco! Disco! Right? A-Trak and Armand Van Helden might not have released all that much under their disco house Duck Sauce project, but what they have released has proven to be some of the best of it's kind. Tracks like "Barbara Streisand" and "Big Bad Wolf" became some of the most heard tracks at the time of their release. If it's 2012 and I'm down by the Baltimore Inner Harbor and I hear "Barbara Streisand" coming from the loud speakers... there's really no question then is there?


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Members: Hudson Mohawke and Lunice

Separately, Lunice and HudMo were shaping the "beats" and bass music scenes into their own unique creatures. Together, coupled with last year's trap explosion, this duo shook the world. They dropped a critically-acclaimed, self-titled EP, and that seemed to propel them into the stratosphere, with everyone from Lil Wayne and Kanye West to Future and Rockie Fresh looking for beats. They both have solo projects on the way, and are their own animals, but when TNGHT gets together? You get creepy bangers like "Acrylics," which is always a great thing.

Dog Blood

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Members: Skrillex and Boys Noize

They may only have two released tracks right now, but Dog Blood is most certainly a supergroup. Combining Skrillex and Boys Noize, Dog Blood brings a rowdy concoction that they describe as "terror-break-acid-tech-noize" or "electronic-core-rave-metal," and after witnessing their set at Ultra, there's certainly no quesiton that's true. Their sets have the kind of energy that can incite a riot and if you're at any big festival they're playing this summer, you better believe they are a must see. Word on the street is they've got stacks of unreleased material, perhaps even an album's worth. Whatever it is, we'll passionately and gladly headbang and break shit to the sounds of Dog Blood.


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Members: Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka

Destroid is the live-bass project from Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka (who you may know as the drummer from Pendulum). Though the trio's debut album The Invasion features collaborations with Space Laces, Ajapai, Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, and Messinian, the focus of Destroid is the live show. Listening to the album numerous times, I can tell you that this trio will do things no one else has done. Working with two custom MIDI guitars and one 100% digital custom drum kit, you have the tools of Destroid. Electronic rock/metal fusion bands like Modestep might have started along this path, but I assure you Destroid will bring the live-bass concept to new heights. Arena bass.

Magnetic Man

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Members: Skream, Benga, and Artwork

What happens when you put together three dubstep legends? Anthemic bass-driven madness. After meeting at the legendary Big Apple Records shop in the '90s, Skream, Benga, and Artwork each went on their ways to forging their own ways in the dubstep sound before doubling back and collaborating on their massive Magnetic Man project. The trio released an album, did an Essential Mix, headlined festivals, and even recorded at the historic Madie Vale studio with a live orchestra. We haven't heard anything from them in a bit, but we're hoping they come back to life.

The New World Punx

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Members: Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten

Trance titans Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz got together to create their own superproject in The New World Punx. Complete with their own kid-friendly animated selves, the duo delivers a hard-hitting aggressive style of trance. The duo delivered a big time set supporting Armin Van Burren at his landmark Madison Square Garden A State Of Trance 600 show, and if you have any doubt, listen to their 2012 tribute and #1 trance hit "Loops & Tings" to get a taste of what they do.

Back to Back to Back

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Members: Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, and DJ Sneak

You might know the Alessos, the Sander Van Doorns, and the Eric Prydzs of the world, but the trio behind the new Back to Back to Back project is something every house head worth their salt needs to be aware of. OG house gangsters DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, and Derrick Carter have come together to form this super group project. They first found themselves together spinning together at last summer's Tomorrowland before recently coming together. We have no word if the project will mean original collaborations or just a tour, but we're waiting with baited breath regardless.

Hot Natured

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Members: Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, and Ali Love

Their first U.S. live show comes this July in NYC and they've already had a top 40 hit in the UK with their smash "Benediction." The Jamie Jones and Lee Foss brainchild brings together some of the top talents in house music. As the American dance crowds continue to mature, there's no quesiton Hot Natured will be leading the pack with the talent they've got in this one group.

Jack U

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Members: Skrillex and Diplo

When we first saw the 2013 Mad Decent Block Party lineups we all saw Jack U and said "what?" Well, we know now that Jack U is a collaboration between Skrillex and Diplo. The two went back to back at Ultra and now they're listed at the San Diego stop. We don't know what will come of this after that, but we're hoping something.

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