Keyshia Cole Surprises Middle Schoolers With “Love” Performance During Recital

The R&B singer's 2005 hit still lives on in the hearts of the youth.


Keyshia Cole recently made a surprise appearance at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta and brought one of her biggest hits.

In a video that went viral over the weekend, students from the academy were already performing the song before Ron Clark interrupted, nearly scaring the lead student singer. "No, no. You're not doing it right," Clark began before asking for the music to be cut. "You gotta do it better, buddy. I want more depth, more heart, more soul, I want more Keyshia Cole. Sing it like this."

That was a cue for Cole to emerge from the on-stage staircase while students shrieked and excitedly sang along. Matching the students in an all-red hoodie and sweatpants combo, Cole continued singing, also handing the mic to select students.

"Love" has been taking Gen Z by storm since last year thanks to its popularity on TikTok. At Herman Middle School in San Jose, a local DJ, Brotha Reese, even captured middle schoolers during a school-wide dance singing the "Love" chorus. In a TikTok comment, Reese wrote that a student requested it.

Cole later reacted on X, appreciating the love nearly 20 years after the song's release.

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